Reinventing the Business
Model of the Online Economy

Big tech ads platforms have become rent-seekers monopolies that use private data to leave no choice to entrepreneurs but to pay them always rising fees in order to reach their target audience.

‍Ms an open blockchain network that enables brands, communities and consumers to connect and anonymously exchange data, audiences, deals, cashbacks, content and everything they care about.

All this without the need for an intermediary, since the targeting AI algorithm is fully decentralized: controlled by no one, and constantly improved by anyone.

The Moojo network enables a better business model for the internet.

We’re fully funded by top tier VCs and we’re hiring.


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Founding team

We’re currently in stealth mode. Our founding team is composed of senior Google alumni who witnessed first hand the misaligned incentives of the online platforms with those of people and businesses.

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We align incentives of consumers, businesses and society.

We build decentralized, permissionless and trustless protocols that enable best-of-class targeting and transparent performance reporting for businesses, while preserving consumers’ privacy without relying on regulation or goodwill of opaque platforms.
We create an ecosystem that is safer and fairer for both consumers and businesses.

We are a mission-driven company.

As a company our only opportunity for meaningful positive impact lies in our ability to deliver on our mission.
We invest all of our resources in advancing it rather than on unrelated causes, however important they may be to each one of us personally.
We do this with a profound sense of responsibility towards our community, customers, investors, employees and society that guides us at all times.

We respect our opportunity.

An efficient usage of our funds is the key to building a sustainable and successful business.
This is a fundamental principle which we are committed to even at times when parties on yachts paid with VC money are the norm in the industry.
Capital is best spent in bringing in and retaining the best people, and providing them with tools that allow them to do their best work and advance our mission.

We respect our time.

We are committed to creating an environment in which our employees know their time is used in the best way. Enjoying meaningful, high quality, family or personal time should not be mutually exclusive with “work”, nor a “balance” to strike.
We work hard while we work, but we disconnect not only often, but deeply.
Each one of those moments ought to be lived to its full extent.

We value openness and transparency.

“Removing the middleman” in the case of people-to-businesses marketplace is not a fad, it is a precondition to building a healthy and thriving ecosystem.
This guides us in the way we build our network: we favor decentralization, transparency and openness over intellectual property and corporate secrecy.

Open Positions

Head of Product

Position: Full-time
Reports to: CEO
Location: Hybrid, Tel-Aviv

- Define the product vision, strategy and roadmap
- Help building the PM team
- Leading the product roadmap execution

- Outcome-centric and missionary mindset
- Experience in partnering with UX and engineering teams
- Understanding of web3 technologies
- Understanding of economics, finance and/or monetary policies
- Proficient verbal/written communication in English
- Experience in managing teams of Product Managers

Senior SW Engineers

Position: Full-time
Reports to: VP R&D
Location: Hybrid, Tel-Aviv

- Collaborate in the design of the technical solution
- Implement and maintain software in all stages of its lifecycle
- Implement tests as part of development cycle
- Work closely with Product and UX teams
- Create technical documentation
- Assist in onboarding of new team members
- Proven software engineering skills (7+ years experience)
- Hands-on and fast learner
- Outcome-centric mindset
- Strong problem solving skills
- Ability to work independently

Blockchain Engineers

Position: Full-time
Reports to: VP R&D
Location: Hybrid, Tel Aviv

Responsibilities:- Design the blockchain solution 
- Apply cryptology techniques to privacy and game theory problems
- Create technical documentation
- Research and evaluate new tools and protocols

- Proven SW development skills
- Solidity development experience (1+ years) 
- Understanding of cryptography and blockchain protocols
- Knowledge of best practices in on-chain data manipulation
- Versatile, fast learner, and excited about our mission
- Ability to work independently

Other Positions

Position: Full-time
Location: Remote

We are also hiring for other positions of all levels:
- Web3 community manager
- Product Marketing Manager
- UX Researcher
- Many others

Contact us if you believe you can help!